Grazie mille per le valutazioni e i riconoscimenti ricevuti dai nostri clienti soddisfatti provenienti da USA, Canada, Australia, Sudafrica, Italia, Inghilterra, ecc.

Di seguito troverete anche dei report televisivi internazionali concernenti lo schema Ponzi di “Lyoness” da Australia, Sudafrica, Francia e Austria.

Lyoness Claim Testimonial: Ed Barber (Canada)


UK/England Lyoness Member

Lyoness Claim Testimonial: Mike Purcell (England)

Lyoness Claim Testimonial: Alexandro & Maria Masaniello (England)

USA Lyoness Member

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Judi & Kenneth Russell (Florida U.S.A)

Canada Lyoness Member

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Onno Onneken (Vancouver CANADA)

Australian Lyoness Members

Graeme Duck from Australia!

Thank you very much Graeme Duck

Lyoness Claims Testmonial: Ian Chittick (N.S.W Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonial: Sue Hobson (Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonial: Bruce Mathison (Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Big John Pizza Owner (Sydney Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials Via Ben Ecker & Craig Wotton: Liza Westgate (Queensland AUSTRALIA)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Michael Azimos (Melbourne Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials Via Ben Ecker & Craig Wotton: Michael Dalla Costa (Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Kirstyn Marriot (Queensland Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Michael Libman (Melbourne Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Nick Black (Sydney Australia)

Lyoness Claim Testimonials: Rosie Hantos (Sydney Australia)

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ABC-Report Australia
TV-Report Frankreich
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Susanne R: (Deutschland)

Ich möchte mich recht herzlich bei Herrn Ecker und seinem Team bedanken. Ich habe meine Forderung mit Zinsen (12.000 €) von Lyoness zurückerhalten. Die Hartnäckigkeit der BEKM hat sich ausbezahlt, auch wenn ich zwischendurch meine Zweifel hatte und schon alles verloren glaubte. Selbst meine erworbenen Einkaufsgutscheine wurden mir erstattet. Nochmals vielen Dank und weiter so.

Dear Ben

May I thank you and Craig on behalf of my family and for many thousands of people in my organisation for the sterling work that you are carrying out in recovering our monies from this cleverly designed ponzi scheme, nothing will give me greater pleasure in seeing these people brought to justice because of the great suffering they have caused to so many.

Kind regards

Mike Purcell 

Hi Ben, i wanted to take a moment to thank you and Ben wholeheartedly for all of your help and support in getting a refund paid from Lyoness. The payment came through today and I could not be happier.

I wanted to call out your leadership throughout all of this and tell you what a wonderful job you have done in helping to facilitate the positive outcome so many of us are receiving – I honestly did not think I would see my money again. 

Please pass on my thanks to Ben and the team who have been simply outstanding in my opinion and who have fought so hard for justice and in helping all of us to re claim our monies. I cannot express my heartfelt thanks enough for the work that has been done in making this a reality. 

Thank you all so much for everything you have done.


Dear Ben

Thank you very much! I received my payment. 

I really do appreciate what you are doing. 

I should have gone with my gut instincts in the

beginning that Lyoness is a scam. 

You are doing a great job!!

Kind regards

Karen Hing

Dear Ben,

Firstly apologies not responding earlier, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for organising my payment back from Lyoness.

It really has come at a good time.

I want to acknowledge you for the sterling work you are doing, and I know you and Craig have been tireless in your efforts to retrieve our monies for us all. 

We are ever so grateful, thank you again.

Lucy Martin   

From the Internet website: “Pissed Consumer”

South Africa Lyoness member

CooingBee161 Jun 04 #1696222

To begin, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ben Ecker of BE Conflict Management Inc. He has made the impossible possible!!

I’m one of those many naive people who invested in Lyoness as a so- called Gold Card / Premium Member. In addition, I invested in various other countries, such as India, Brazil, Asia & last but not least in the Austrian Cloud. At the beginning I was very ambitious (in fact I am one of the first members in South Africa) – At that time , I had been assured that this Cashback model would be revolutionary and that none of the other existing cashback models would come close to the Lyoness idea. Development would be stable and continuous, worldwide.

Over the years, I came to see the true face of Lyoness. Some major changes took place, such as the launch of Lyconet and the alleged MasterCard. Lyoness is not shy to constantly come up with new ideas to pull money out of the pockets of the Premium marketers (the latest title of a Gold / Premium Member). Court judgments against Lyoness came thick and fast, an absolute ban was introduced in Norway.

In Italy, one of the flagships of Lyoness, it was declared an illegal pyramid scheme, and fined with a total of €3.2 million. The actual cashback of ones daily shopping increasingly faded into the background. Having lost faith in Lyoness aka myWorld / Cashback World with all their false promises over the years and having almost lost hope to ever, somehow recover my money, I was determined to find a way to reclaim my money. By chance I found Ben Ecker.

He has been committed to uncover the evil tactics of Lyoness one by one and made them public over a number of years. Furthermore, he helped victims from all over the world to reclaim their money. Right from the start Ben Ecker has been professional, competent and reliable. He quickly took away my embarrassing shame to have invested and believed in an illegal pyramid scheme.

Despite his enormous workload, he always took the time to keep me updated. Something that I really appreciated. How wonderful when I received the message that my Lyoness claim would be paid back to me. The money has safely landed in my bank account.

Wow! Finally, I would like to invite every Lyoness member who feels lied to and now deceived by this company to contact Ben Ecker of BE Conflict Management Inc. as soon as possible. He has an incredible insider knowledge, is proactive and committed in every way, that is the formula for his success.

Thank you. A humble and grateful Chris May 31, 2019